Kelley Quan
Vegan Beauty Brush™

A brilliant, multi-tasking applicator

SIZE: 6.25 in 

So you’ve got the perfect new stash of makeup—swell!—now comes the tricky part: getting said makeup to look seamless and natural. For those of us who don’t have a pro makeup artist on call, Kelley Quan's innovative synthetic mink multi-purpose brush ensures even coverage and a flaw-free finish.

The Vegan Beauty Brush™ is designed for multi-purpose use delivering premium results with both cream and powder formulas. The precision head allows for greater control and results for lip stains, lip color and lip gloss. For those who prefer a wider lip brush, this brush is an excellent alternative to the traditional brush size.


  • For eye shadow: Dip bristles into favorite eye shadow, foundation, concealer, powder or lip product and sweep across. 
  • For foundation: After applying your primer or moisturizer of choice, dab a small dot of liquid foundation onto forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Use the brush to sweep pigment across skin until uniformly distributed.
  • For concealer: Dip the brush into your concealer pot and pick up a small amount. Gently dab the brush over problem areas, using a tapping motion to blend the concealer onto your skin.

TIP: To maintain bristle quality, cleanse regularly with a gentle shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and let dry completely before using again.

Softer on your face, kinder on your soul. Kelley Quan, a beauty business maven, with twenty years of experience as a top makeup artist, beauty editor and fashion publisher, brings high standards to the design and manufacture of her Kelley Quan New York product range. When it came to producing her own brush line, Kelley applied her expertise, utilized extensive investigation, and decided that the cruel process behind the creation of most makeup brushes was unnecessary and cruel. Kelley Quan offers a collection that encourages your inner makeup artist to emerge, while being kinder to nature and animals, and your skin.

Handcrafted in the USA using premium blends of nine different synthetic fibers with distinct texture and dimensions that mimic their animal equivalents, optimizing product delivery and overall softness and performance.

Made in USA

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