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Nourish Shampoo

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A luxurious, moisturizing shampoo formulated for All Hair Textures with Normal to Dry hair and scalp conditions. Aloe vera, gentle natural cleansers and potent herbal infusions work in perfect harmony to effectively remove impurities and excess oil. Rich plant oils and distinct herbal infusions create potent synergy to treat scalp conditions, retain hair moisture, soften and add shine while stimulating follicle circulation to increase flow of nourishment, encouraging strong, continued hair growth.

• African Black Soap detoxifies, gently cleanses, moisturizes hair and scalp, calms scalp.
• Nettles encourage hair growth, slows hair thinning, stimulates scalp and follicle circulation.
• Sage adds shine, strengthens hair, promotes hair growth.
• Peppermint
stimulates hair growth, conditions scalp, increases scalp and follicle circulation.
• Ginseng
stimulates scalp and follicle circulation, encourages hair growth, reduces thinning.
• Thyme stimulates growth, strengthens growth, reduces hair loss, treats dry scalp, treats dandruff.
• Camelina Seed Oil
moisturizes, adds shine, strengthens hair growth, protects hair and scalp.
• Coconut oil encourages elasticity, moisturizes, protects, adds shine, encourages hair growth.
• Grape Seed oil
moisturizes, encourages elasticity, adds shine, softens hair.
• Calendula treats dandruff, treats scalp conditions, promotes hair growth.
• Linden Flowers calm scalp, treat dry scalp, soothe and protect scalp.
• Dandelion
detoxifies, treats dry scalp.
• Catnip soothes, heals and calms scalp irritations, promotes hair growth.
• Rosemary slows growth of grey hair, treats dandruff, increases scalp circulation.
• Burdock reduces hair loss, calms scalp, soothes irritation, regenerates follicle cell.
• Horsetail
stimulates growth, strengthens hair, moisturizes, strengthens follicle.
• Lavender encourages hair growth, stimulates follicle, treats dandruff, treats scalp conditions. 

Divide scalp into four areas - top, sides, and back. Apply a small amount to each area. Massage in thoroughly. Add more water during massage to help distribute suds if needed. Leave in 1-3 minutes, allowing micronutrients to stimulate follicle circulation and nourish scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

- Adding water while massaging shampoo through the hair helps disperse the product for an effective cleanse.
- If your house water is hard, containing high calcium and magnesium mineral content, it can affect the performance your natural shampoo and conditioner. Heavy minerals build up and affect natural conditioners ability to soften and  penetrate. The minerals in hard water decrease lathering capabilities, this is why: Hard water contains an adversary to natural soaps - calcium. Calcium has a strong positive charge. Soap molecules are negatively charged and when they come in contact with positively-charged calcium the two bond together, with no charge at all.  This greatly reduces the ability of the soap to remove dirt and oil. 


When you have delicate natural cleansers like our African black soap and saponified coconut oil, and they are a part of the balanced, whole plant formula that includes real plant oils and extracts, hard water must be softened for the products to perform best.

There are many affordable shower filtration systems available today and your scalp, hair and skin will benefit immensely from having one. Chlorinated water is not good for the hair or skin and can inhibit natural cleansing agents performance as well. The chemicals in chlorine and the heavy minerals in hard water can cause skin and scalp to become itchy and irritated. Hard water can also trigger eczema conditions. 


Conventional, synthetic chemical shampoos continue to lather in hard water due to highly questionable hair and scalp stripping chemical detergents and foaming additives. These super harsh, cheap, industrial surfactants shouldn’t be used on the body and the synthetic lather and chemical foam boosting additives like cocamide monoethanolamine further deplete the bodies natural protection by stripping the acid mantle oil barrier and over clean.  

100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, Aqua, African Black Soap*, Saponified Coconut Oil, Camelina Seed Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Calendula Extract*, Nettle Extract*, Catnip Extract*, Alfalfa Extract*, Rose Hip Extract*, Flax Seed Extract*, Dandelion Extract*, Rosemary Extract*, Linden Extract*, Burdock Extract*, Horsetail Extract*, Sage Extract*, Chamomile Extract*, Ginseng Extract*, Oregano Extract*, Thyme Extract*, Lavender Extract*, Peppermint Extract*, Golsenseal Extract*, Cassia Cinnamon Extract*, Cayenne Extract*, Non-GMO Plant-Sourced Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Lavender Oil*, Orange Oil*, Rosemary Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil *Certified Organic

Made in USA

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