Petit Vour
  • Habit Nail Polish 40 Nymph
  • Habit Nail Polish 39 Voyeur
  • Habit Nail Polish Soft Focus
  • Habit Nail Polish Santa Sangre
  • Habit Nail Polish 35 Aether
  • Habit Nail Polish 41 Terra
  • Habit Nail Polish 38 Vapor
  • Habit Nail Polish 34 Vesper
  • Habit Nail Polish 37 Phantom
  • Habit Nail Polish 36 Moon Rock
  • Habit Nail Polish 42 Cavalier
  • Habit Nail Polish Bardot
  • Habit Nail Polish Pearl of a Girl
  • Habit Nail Polish Belle de Jour
  • Habit Nail Polish Ingenue
  • Habit Nail Polish Tan Lines
  • Habit Nail Polish Paris is Burning
  • Habit Nail Polish Serpentine Fire
  • Habit Nail Polish Disco
  • Habit Nail Polish Camp
  • Habit Nail Polish Kitten
  • Habit Nail Polish Roller Girl
  • Habit Nail Polish Darling Nikki
  • Habit Nail Polish Lush
  • Habit Nail Polish Midnight Cowboy
  • Habit Nail Polish Space Cadet
  • Habit Nail Polish Creature of the Night
  • Habit Nail Polish Deep Sea
  • Habit Nail Polish Blue Velvet
  • Habit Nail Polish Sunset Boulevard
  • Habit Nail Polish Belle Époque
  • Habit Nail Polish Swimming Pool
  • Habit Nail Polish Prairie
  • Habit Nail Polish Moss
  • Habit Nail Polish Scarab
  • Habit Nail Polish Retrograde
  • Habit Nail Polish Nefertiti
  • Habit Nail Polish Diabolique
  • Habit Nail Polish Voodoo
  • Habit Nail Polish Hussy
  • Habit Nail Polish Tabou


Nail Polish

$ 18.00

PV Points Earned

11 Pearl Of A Girl
23 Ingenue
01 Belle De Jour
24 Tanlines
31 Paris is Burning
25 Disco
26 Serpentine Fire
12 Bardot
27 Camp
13 Kitten
32 Roller Girl
06 Darling Nikki
16 Lush
09 Creature Of The Night
30 Midnight Cowboy
33 Space Cadet
17 Deep Sea
08 Blue Velvet
02 Sunset Boulevard
03 Belle Époque
18 Soft Focus
28 Swimming Pool
19 Prairie
07 Moss
29 Scarab
20 Retrograde
21 Nefertiti
22 Diabolique
10 Voodoo
15 Santa Sangre
14 Hussy
04 Tabou
34 Vesper
35 Aether
36 Moon Rock
37 Phantom
38 Vapor
39 Voyeur
40 Nymph
41 Terra
42 Cavalier

HABIT is the only nail polish brand that uses Myrrh extract, which naturally strengthens nails. Brownie Points: HABIT is also the only nail polish brand that uses bamboo caps (which means less plastic) and sustainable paperboard boxes. How cool is that?  

SIZE: Net wt. 088 oz | 2.4 g

 01 Belle De Jour: A nude color that looks amazing on everyone, really! Featuring an iridescent pink shimmer.
 02 Sunset Boulevard: Grey-blue with silver shimmer. Old Hollywood glamour made modern.
• 03 Belle Époque: A serene lavender-blue inspired by the best things in life. Gorgeous on the nail.
• 04 Tabou: An orangey-red so hot, it's practically illegal.
• 06 Darling Nikki: A deep fuchsia with purple shimmer. Nice and a little naughty.
• 07 Moss: An oddly attractive olive green. For those who venture beyond the beaten path.
 08 Blue Velvet: A rich and mysterious dark denim blue.
• 09 Creature Of The Night: A warm, dark purple with electric blue shimmer. For those who dare.
• 10 Voodoo: A deep brownish red with bronze shimmer.
• 11 Pearl Of A Girl: Semi-sheer pearlescent shimmer. A new classic.
• 12 Bardot: A semi-sheer pale pink.
• 13 Kitten: Rich fuchsia creme.
• 14 Hussy: A true red creme. Bold and classic.
• 15 Santa Sangre: A blood-red creme.
• 16 Lush: A soft grape creme, as seen on Michelle Phan.
• 17 Deep Sea: A deep, inky blue. The new black.
• 18 Soft Focus: A luxurious, pale, lavender-blue creme.

• 19 Prairie: A soothing, sage green creme.
• 20 Retrograde: An introspective, dark, olive green creme.
• 21 Nefertiti: A mocha creme with copper shimmer. Fit for a queen.
• 22 Diabolique: A deep, almost black espresso brown. For when you're feeling fiendish.
• 23 Ingenue: A semi-sheer, pinky nude.
• 24 Tanlines: A semi-sheer tan. Because...tanlines, of course.
• 25 Disco: A metallic gold.
26 Serpentine Fire: A metallic rose gold.
• 27 Camp: A coral pink with electric pink shimmer. Perfectly campy.
• 28 Swimming Pool: A refreshing bright aquatic blue.
• 29 Scarab: A beetle green.
• 30 Midnight Cowboy: A metallic gunmetal.
• 31 Paris Is Burning: Gold glitter in a clear base. 
• 32 Roller Girl: Bright pink glitter in a transparent fuchsia base. 
33 Space Cadet: Silver and blue glitter in a transparent dark blue base. 
• 34 Vesper: A rich teal with silver and turquoise shimmer. 
• 35 Aether: A semi-sheer aqua with silver shimmer.
• 36 Moon Rock: A creme finish, pink-tinged off-white.
• 37 Phantom: A stone gray with champagne shimmer.
• 38 Vapor: A semi-sheer, muted lavender with violet shimmer.
• 39 Voyeur: A semi-sheer dusty rose.
• 40 Nymph: A semi-sheer petal pink with fuchsia and gold shimmer.
• 41 Terra: A creme finish burnt coral.
• 42 Cavalier: A mustard yellow with gold shimmer.

100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | 5-free formula + Myrrh Extract

Made in USA

Certain items considered Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) including aerosols and alcohol-based products (e.g., pressurized spray cans, hairspray, conventional nail polish remover, nail polish etc.) are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation to be shipped by Ground-only transport, due to air transport restrictions and regulations. For these shipments, you will need to choose UPS Ground, or USPS Ground in Checkout, for shipments in the continental United States. For P.O. Box addresses, USPS Ground is the only shipping method available. Regrettably, these items cannot be shipped to either Alaska or Hawaii.

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PETIT VOUR was founded on being bold and kind—not just for the environment and animals, but also for you. Our rewards program was designed with this core value in mind.

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