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  • Lily Lolo Lip Brush

Lily Lolo

Lip Brush

$ 10.00


The Lip Brush has firm, flat, square shaped bristles for controlled application of lipstick. The handy lid makes our lip brush perfect for carrying in a handbag and extends the handle of the brush.

SIZE: 165mm

        Load up the brush with your favourite lipstick and apply, starting from the center of your top lip, define the shape of your lips before filling in to give a full coverage.

        To wash hold bristles pointing downwards in warm running water, gently lather with mild shampoo and rinse in clean running water, leave to dry naturally on its side to prevent water running into the ferrule.

        100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan Synthetic Fibres, White Lacquered Wood

        Made in UK

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