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Pure Elements Discovery Kit - Oily/Combo

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The Ultimate Skin Remedy Try Me Kit


Oléosomes Time Release Delivery Crème: an advanced formula that serves as a time-release base for the Serum Concentrate, allowing for optimum delivery of actives an d hydration throughout the entire day or night. 

+ 4 SERUM CONCENTRATES to clear blemishes, normalize oil production & shrink pores.

PIMPLE Bl+C Serum Concentrate : This fast acting pimple eliminator pairs the extraordinary purifying properties of Black Cumin and antiseptic Cajeput to achieve perfectly smooth and clear skin

COMBINATION SKIN Pe+C Serum Concentrate : Minimizing excess oil while never over-drying skin, this serum is light and penetrative. Its antiseptic and astringent properties help decongest combination skin and restore a matte, healthy complexion.

CLOGGED PORES Jo+L Serum Concentrate : A transformative serum that binds to sebum blockages and skin impurities, helping to flush out pores & minimize breakouts.

OILY/ACNE PRONE Gr+G Serum Concentrate : A potent antimicrobial, disinfecting and fast-absorbing serum formulated to clear existing acne while preventing new breakouts to appear.

Made in USA

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