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Pure Elements Discovery Kit - Sensitive

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The Ultimate Skin Remedy Try Me Kit


Oléosomes Time Release Delivery Crème : an advanced formula that serves as a time-release base for the Serum Concentrate, allowing for optimum delivery of actives an d hydration throughout the entire day or night. 

+4 SOOTHING Serum Concentrates to calm even the most reactive skin :

SENSITIVE SKIN Ca+C Serum Concentrate : Incredibly anti-inflammatory, Camelina oil pairs with Chamomile and Calendula, both of which possess tremendous skin-healing properties to calm and condition sensitive & reactive skin. Camelina is also known to help treat eczema. 

SKIN ENERGY Bl+J Serum Concentrates : A regenerative serum that helps revive skin at the cellular level by reinforcing free-radical defense and guaranteeing the integrity of skin’s cells. 

FRAGILE CAPILLARIES Ap+P Serum Concentrate : Used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat inflammatory skin disorders, Apricot oil contains numerous minerals and vitamins that contribute to improving microcirculation, strengthening capillary walls and minimizing redness. 

VITAL GLOW CaR Serum Concentrate : Bring new found vitality and strength to sensitive skin with the perfect balance of vitamins A,C & E. 

Made in USA

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