Petit Vour
  • bkr Original Baby 500mL
  • bkr Original Birdie 500mL
  • bkr Original Boss 500mL
  • bkr Original Elle 500mL
  • bkr Original Lala 500mL
  • bkr Original Gigi 500mL
  • bkr Original Gloss 500mL
  • bkr Original Gramercy 500mL
  • bkr Original Milk 500mL
  • bkr Original Holiday 500mL
  • The Original Collection - Little
  •  bkr Original Jet 500mL
  • bkr Original Juliet 500mL
  • bkr Original Lolita 500mL
  • bkr Original Madly 500mL
  • bkr Original London 500mL
  • bkr Original Rosy 500mL
  • bkr Original Naked 500mL
  • bkr Original Taj 500mL
  • bkr Original Tiptoe 500mL
  • bkr Original Winter 500mL
  • BKR The Original Collection Ryan Little 500ML


The Original Collection - Little

$ 35.00

PV Points Earned


This glass water bottle will change the way you hydrate forever. bkr was created by two luxury beauty and skincare junkies who know that no matter what you put on your face, if you aren’t hydrated from the inside you won’t glow. Inspired by smooth skin, full pink lips, no-makeup selfies and the joy of naturally banishing fine lines and dark circles. Perfect for your purse, your travels, with your couture, working out, on urban hikes. And nothing was ever the same again.

Teeny - 250mL (8 oz); 6.8 x 2.6 inches
Little - 500mL (16 oz); 7.9 x 3.1 inches
Big - 1L (32 oz); 9.65 x 3.94 inches 

MATERIALS: Glass bottle with BPA-free, phthalate-free silicone sleeve and BPA-free, phthalate-free no-leak plastic cap with silicone seal. 

CARE: Dishwasher safe on top rack. Store with cap off. Do not freeze or microwave.


• Baby: sheer bright pink
• Birdie: opaque robin's egg blue
• Boo: opaque very light lavender
• Boss: opaque deep purplish navy
• Elle: opaque pastel neon coral
• Gigi: opaque lime yellow
• Gloss: sheer peachy pink
• Gramercy: sheer lush garden green
• Holiday: sheer vacation blue
• Ivy: sheer teal blue
• Jet: opaque black
• Juliet: opaque lavender
• Lala: opaque lavender fog
• Lola: opaque fuchsia
• Lolita: opaque blackberry
• London: opaque light gray
• Madly: sheer fiery red
• Melt: sheer blue mint
• Milk: sheer white
• Naked: opaque light chocolate milk nude
• Romeo: sheer periwinkle
• Rosy: sheer shocking rose pink
• Taj: opaque royal purple
• Tiptoe: sheer dusty lavender
• Winter: opaque white

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