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  • Moon Juice Tocotrienols Powder

Moon Juice

Tocotrienols Powder

$ 26.00

520 PV Points Earned

4.5 oz (128g)

The whole food tocotrienol complex is derived from organic California rice and is a super concentrated source of vitamins E, D and antioxidants. This luxurious and creamy powder has tissue regenerating, inflammation taming, immunity, muscle boosting and toxin removing powers that directly reach the brain, liver, heart, lungs and kidneys.

Blend a heaping spoonful or more into milk potions, juices, tonics, confections, yogurts, puddings, cereals, and ice cream, or use as a beautiful and nourishing garnish. This powder can also be taken on its own for a creamy boost. 

100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Raw and stabilized rice bran and germ

Made in USA

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