We can't believe how many of you loved Lauren of Estie Bestie's Skincare Guide for Acneic Skin! We thought we'd reach out again to see if Lauren could create a no-makeup makeup look to follow the skincare ritual for flawless skin fed with good-for-you ingredients. Take it away, Lauren!

"Spring is full of natural beauty and new beginnings. Time to put our coats away and get ready for the sunshine! It’s not only time to embrace natures natural beauty, it’s also time to embrace our own natural beauty with a 'no-makeup' makeup look."

– Lauren


The FitGlow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation is a perfect base to start with for a no-makeup makeup look. My personal shade is V1.5. When blending this foundation with a damp beauty blender, it leaves a natural, skin-like appearance. The medium coverage blends out surface flaws leaving a dewy finish.  If you desire longevity and a matte finish, apply the Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder over it after you conceal. 



After we applied our base which blends out most flaws, if you have a blemish or spot you want to cover, the Au Naturale Completely Covered Creme Concealer is a great full coverage concealer. Go two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight underneath the eyes, cupid’s bow, the middle of your forehead, and chin. When the light hits your skin, it will naturally contour your best feature. Using a full coverage concealer on areas that you need instead of a full coverage foundation gives an illusion that your skin flawless and avoids cakey makeup. My personal shade is beige.



When you want a “no-makeup” appearance we aren’t going to do much to the eyes except mascara to make the eyes pop. The Lash Project from Red Apple Lipstick is going to extend your lashes without clumping them, smudging or bleeding. This formula is so perfect at coating the lashes it won’t give away that you’re actually wearing mascara.

*Pro-tip: This makeup look won’t include eyeshadow so to avoid creasing, use the Alima Pure Setting Powder on a fluffy crease brush and blend over the lids.



Good brows are key to achieving your best natural look. Sometimes, we may get a little tweezer-friendly, so if this happens don’t feel bad we’ve all been there!  Instead, use Province Apothecary’s Brow Growth Serum to encourage actual brow growth. If you still want to add some color, the 100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder also encourages brow growth with a little bit of tint.  The brush grabs brow hairs and gives a more groomed look rather than boxy, noticeable brows.



A natural flush is attractive (and everyone has one)!  However, when you blend out your foundation it can make your skin tone look dull. Kissing your cheeks with a little bit of blush makes your look come together and livens up the skin. Han Cosmetics Pressed Blush in the shade “Glory” complements many skin tones.  This peachy formula gently kisses the cheeks giving you a natural, flirty blush.

And that's it! A little lip balm, and you're ready to go!

Lauren of Estie Bestie is an esthetician practicing in sunny California.
You can find her @estie_bestie_ on Instagram or by visiting her website:


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    Madeline: April 27, 2018

    Do you have a recommended or preferred sunscreen that you like to use in your daily routine?

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    Deirdre: April 27, 2018

    Very nice! Beautiful look!

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