Every time you make a purchase at we'll give you 20% back and automatically save it as PV Points for you to use toward future purchases as a shop discount.*

It’s automatic! You do not need an account, a code, or anything fancy. As soon as you make your first purchase your points are stored for you. If you haven't created an account before making your first purchase, your points will be saved and automatically deposited into your account once you set it up. Rewards expire after 12 months, so make sure you use them.

Log in to redeem! You can redeem points from your account at any time. Simply log in, click on your points, and then the redeem button. This will generate a unique discount code you can apply at checkout.

We give free points to those who rate and review their beauty box products. When you have tried your products that month, sign into your account, then visit The Latest Box page. Rate & review each item there before the 15th of the following month and we’ll automatically add a $1 for every review you leave from that month’s box. You have the potential to earn $4-$5 in rewards each month!

There are a few restrictions: you will not earn points when you sign up for a beauty box subscription, but you will earn points when you rate & review the items in your box. Select items, such as sale items and curated beauty boxes, which both already offer very large discounts, will not earn points. Check below the price on each product page to see if points can be earned.


store credit value / redeemable at

$10 / 1000 POINTS

$25 / 2500 POINTS

$50 / 5,000 POINTS

$100 / 10,000 POINTS

*PV Rewards Points are displayed in USD. Points are redeemed as store discounts and may not be applied to beauty box subscriptions or combined with other promo codes. Points expire after 12 months.

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