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Petit Vour (pet-ee vohr) is a Frenglish word derived from the French confectionery, "petit four." A petit vour is a small, cruelty-free luxury—non-toxic, vegan, and ethically made. Petit Vour boxes contain a selection of such things and are curated for the modern, progressive life.

Our most satisfied members and customers are those truly interested in discovering the world of cruelty-free luxury. If this sounds like you, then Petit Vour may be an excellent fit for you! We cannot promise to feature only travel to full-size products nor can we showcase solely makeup. We can, however, give you a taste of the finest cruelty-free has to offer. Bon appétit!

Petit Vour strives to provide the latest in luxury vegan beauty from around the world. The Box contents are always kept secret because otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise! However, you can expect to see 4-5 beauty products, ranging from sample to full-size. We do our best to cover a variety of beauty categories in each box. Typically, you'll see 1 color item, 1 hair care item or fragrance, 1 skincare item and 1 body care item (the typical value $60-100). Please note that not all beauty boxes are alike. Some months, there may be up to 8 variations. *Also, though beauty boxes ship worldwide, US law prohibits shipping flammable items such as nail polishes and fragrances. Items containing alcohol will be replaced with a product of equal or greater value.

Yes! The beauty profile can be found in your customer login.

While most of our products are natural, organic and hypoallergenic, we cannot guarantee that all of our products featured in the Petit Vour box will be 100% natural, organic and hypoallergenic. Some of the makeup items we feature, for instance, may contain a non-toxic, synthetic color, making the product not 100% natural (but still safe!). If you have an allergy or would like to avoid certain ingredients, the best option would be our limited edition boxes. That way, you can see the products before you make the purchase and decide for yourself if the ingredients meet your fancy. Our current 'Never List' include the following: BHA + BHT, Peg compounds, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, Sulfates, and Triclosan. To see the full list of Restricted Ingredients, click here. 

When you signed up, you should have received three emails—one welcome email, one receipt email for your first box, and one account activation email. If you have not created a login, one will be created automatically, but you need to activate it by clicking on the link in your account activation email. If you can't find the email in your inbox, email us at contact [at] petitvour [dot] com with subject line: Accounts & Billing so that we can resend the account activation email.

No, the prepaid subscriptions are a one time purchase and there is no recurring billing. If you'd like to continue your subscription, email customer service with subject line: Extend Subscription and we'll extend your subscription.

If your Petit Vour box is missing a product, send us an email at contact [at] petitvour [dot] com with subject line: Missing. While supplies last, we'll send a replacement free of charge. If there are no additional samples, we'll add PV Points to your account for the missing product. For international members, the product will be added to your next box or PV Points will be added to your account. Missing products are very rare, typically 1/1000 boxes, but they do happen occasionally. **Note: you must email us within 48 hours of your box's delivery date (according to your tracking information) in order to be eligible for a replacement product.

If your Petit Vour box arrives with a damaged product, send us an email at with subject line: Damages and a picture of the damaged item. If you don't have a camera phone to take a picture, we can send a return label for the damaged item and then send a replacement.While supplies last, we'll send a replacement free of charge. If there are no additional samples, we'll add PV Points to your account for the missing product. **Note: you must email us within 48 hours of your box's delivery date (according to your tracking information) in order to be eligible for a replacement product.

In most circumstances, if the USPS deems that your package has been delivered we cannot ship a replacement box. If this does ever happen, email us within 48 hours of your box's delivery date (according to your tracking) in order to be considered for a replacement box. **Note: replacement boxes cannot be forwarded to a new address.

Some shipping delays are expected from time to time. We recommend waiting until your box hasn't moved for 3-5 business days before deeming it lost. If the address listed in your account is correct but your box is lost in transit, we will ship a replacement box to you free of charge. All you need to do is email us at contact [at] petitvour [dot] com with subject line: Lost to notify us. If your box is undeliverable due to an incorrect address in your login, we can only ship a replacement box if extra boxes are still available, and there is a $4.99 shipping cost to replace and ship the box.

To rate products from your box, log in to your account and click on the WHAT'S NEW > THE LATEST BOX > (Ex: THE JANUARY BOX). To rate each product, click on the product sampled, scroll to the bottom of the page where you see "WRITE A REVIEW," and share your thoughts with us. Once you submit, you're done! Make sure you enter your email with the review (it won't be posted publicly), because that's how the review syncs to your account. You'll earn 100 PV Points for every product rating from your box, and the points will be credited to your account after the end of the rating period, which is the 15th of the following month (e.g. May 15th for an April box). Points are added before the end of the month after the rating period expires. To find out more about how to earn PV Points, visit Our Rewards page.

Your ratings and reviews are very important to PETIT VOUR as well as all of the cruelty-free, ingredient-conscious brands we represent. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the products you purchase and/or sample from the PETIT VOUR Monthly Box. Unlike other online shops, our reviews represent both shop purchases and beauty box sampling. We must, therefore, take extra care to make sure reviews are accurate and fair to the products and brands we feature. To ensure reviews reflect relevant, honest and thorough feedback, please review the following guidelines before reviewing products in the PETIT VOUR shop.

Reviews must include the following:

  1. Relevant feedback (i.e. product quality and/or effectiveness -- please be as specific as possible)
  2. Your name and email so we may track and add PV Points to your account for valid reviews (Your e-mail will not be shown publicly and is only used to link the review to your PV Points account and to confirm that you purchased the item from Petit Vour.)

Reviews may be removed for the following reasons:

  1. The review contains profane/rude language and/or references to illegal activity.
  2. The review includes irrelevant product information (i.e. product was damaged in transit -- if this happens, email us at so we can resolve the issue for you).
  3. The review contains information only relevant to a sample in your Petit Vour box (i.e. you wanted a different product and/or color in your box) This information is important to us but isn't relevant to rating the full-size product itself. For curation questions, please email
  4. The reviewer shows a pattern of consistently negative opinions. Because our members have the opportunity to rate so many products through their monthly boxes, we need to protect brands from customers who submit negative reviews excessively (i.e. trolling).

You can cancel your subscription from your login by clicking on "Manage Subscriptions" and "Cancel" on the subscription you want to deactivate or by emailing contact [at] petitvour [dot] com to request a subscription be deactivated. Prepaid subscriptions do not have recurring billing and will expire automatically, and therefore cannot be canceled early.

Yes, we ship worldwide! For some international destinations, orders can take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Due to the number of boxes that ship out each month, shipments go out in batches between the 10th-20th of the month. However, new subscribers may receive their first box outside of that window, depending on our inventory.

Anytime an order is shipped incorrectly due to an error on our part, we'll replace the order ASAP Just email contact [at] petitvour [dot] com with subject line: Incorrect Address and we'll be happy to assist. If the shipment was delivered to the address submitted with the order, but you later discover the address you entered was not your intended address, unfortunately we are unable to replace the order. If the shipment is returned to us due to an incorrect/undeliverable address, we can reship the item for the standard shipping fee ($4.99+ depending on the size of the shop order); in any case, email contact [at] petitvour [dot] com.

If inventory allows, we sell previous boxes on the website for a one-time purchase.

Domestic shipping will take 3-8 business days and international shipping will typically take 14 days to arrive. Please note: It is very rare that a box goes missing. However, there are times when a box will be "stuck" at a sorting facility for 2-3 days. If your tracking doesn't show movement after 2-3 days, please email us at contact [at] petitvour [dot] com with subject line Tracking and we'll gladly assist.

There are no hidden fees. All you have to pay is your monthly subscription fee plus any applicable taxes in TX.

We currently accept all major credits including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

Your first box is charged at sign-up and future boxes are charged on the 1st of the month.

You can change your shipping and billing information in your login by clicking on "Manage Subscriptions". All billing and shipping information must be updated before the first of the month so that our shipping team can begin making preparations for that month's shipment.