It all began back in 2012 when it dawned on us just how slim the pickings were for one who desired beautiful, ethical beauty and fashion. We’d spend hours perusing in various boutiques, trying to find something cruelty-free that excited us, but we regularly ran into the same disappointing realizations — that animal skins, sweatshop labor, and toxic ingredients were (and unfortunately still are) the norm. On the rare occasion when we’d stumble upon something free of those things, more often than not, the find was lackluster. Frustrated with the nonexistence of a shop that reflected both contemporary style and progressive ideals, we set out to create the space ourselves. We wanted an uplifting, authentic retail brand that embodied our sophisticated style and joyful spirit and made shopping cruelty-free effortless. So, we quit our day jobs in education and retail and launched Petit Vour.


We’re a company started by two seriously optimistic people. Madeline and Ryan met in Austin in the spring of ‘09 and quickly set out for a full life of adventure, driven by the desire to make positive change in the world.


Before there was a shop, there was a Beauty Box. Inspired by a box of petit fours, elegant and assorted French pastries, we adopted the name for our box of little luxuries swapping the letter “V” for vegan. Much like a box of chocolates, petit fours invite discovery, indulgence, and fun. Pair that concept with beauty and you have the Petit Vour Beauty Box: the most convenient and affordable way to discover covetable, clean, and cruelty-free beauty.


We’re on a mission to discover and elevate the best ethical beauty and fashion sourced from around the globe. Curated to perfection, or as we call it, “The Crème de la Cruelty-Free,” every product and piece has been edited for efficacy, aesthetic, and ethics. No longer do you have to decide between the look you desire and the values you wish to support. At Petit Vour, you can have it all, and authentically so.
We are unique as the only place on earth that provides an expert-vetted curation of cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic goods. Whether you’re looking to swap out conventional beauty products for natural luxuries or refresh your wardrobe for one that’s entirely free of animal-derived materials, we have something that will absolutely delight you. At Petit Vour, we believe everyone should strive to be their ideal self and love out loud or, in other words, #beboldbekind.


“Every month I look forward to receiving my cruelty-free box from Petit Vour like it’s Christmas! I love Petit Vour and my subscription box for so many reasons, the main reason being that it has introduced me to some of my absolute favorite products and brands that I now cannot live without. They have such a thorough vetting process, I always know I’m getting the best of the best, from ethical brands I can feel great about supporting. Also, as a vegan fashion blogger, I love that they now feature ethically made vegan fashion on the Petit Vour website!”

— Molly T., @fashionveggie
“Petit Vour is an amazing one-stop-shop for luxury vegan goods. Everything they sell is high quality and I love knowing that my money is going to ethical brands. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the store and their amazing subscription box. Petit Vour makes shopping for vegan beauty and other goods fun and easy.”

— Amanda, @veganpassionfruit
“Petit Vour never disappoints!”

— Svetlana, @ethicalbunny
"Petit Vour - your gateway to conscious consumerism! Whether you’re looking for cruelty-free cosmetics, botanical skincare or fair trade apparel - Petit Vour has got you covered. Featuring the best rewards system on the market and the friendliest team behind the brand- it’s my favorite and most trusted place to shop.”

— Valeria, @conscious_bee
“In a saturated market of monthly beauty boxes, Petit Vour takes center stage with its luxe selection of vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic beauty products. I've been a vegan beauty blogger for 10+ years and have tried a million different goodies from more brands than I can name, but I'm always discovering new, fun, swoon-worthy ones through Petit Vour. They always find the gems. Thank you PV for always bringin' it! xo”

— Sunny, @veganbeautyreview
“I have been trying the Petit Vour monthly box since December last year and I would really recommend it. You really get a bang for your buck with such high quality products & samples. What I like about them is that in every box there is at least one product I would actually purchase again full-size, which says a lot about the quality of the products stocked! I've never had an issue with the products and I find it quite nice to be able to try both established & new brands that offer vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free products that are always right up my street. So far I have re-purchased 3 products full size and I intend to buy them again. The Petit Vour team is lovely and I love seeing their growth. Hopefully they will become the ultimate vegan ASOS!”

— Marta, @marta_canga
"As a believer in ethical living and clean beauty, Petit Vour has always given me a chance to try new products that are suited to my standards. Whether you’re a long time supporter or just starting out, they are my number one recommendation for a hassle free shopping experience."

— Maesy, @mynaturalhabits
"As both a consumer and content creator, I adore Petit Vour to no end. They make cruelty free and vegan shopping (sometimes too) easy and are always happy to help. The community reviews on products are also invaluable when deciding between products as they have some really thorough reviewers on their site. I often tell my subscribers that Petit Vour are pretty much the only site you need when embarking on a cruelty free or vegan journey. Thank you Petit Vour!”

— Rhian, @WifeLife
“Petit Vour has become something I look forward to arriving at my door every month! I've been using green beauty products for years but PV continues to introduce me to new indie brands I haven't tried before. I've discovered some of my absolute favourite makeup and skincare items through PV and love the generous sizes so you really have a chance to try out the product for a good amount of time.”

— Eve Gane, @closetosimple
"Petit Vour is the go-to for shopping ethically and beautifully! Their dedication to cruelty-free fashion and beauty is outstanding, and I love their array of wonderfully curated brands."

— Suzana Rose, crueltyfreekitty.com