Posted on 06 August 2016

What is your Skin Type?


DETERMINING your skin type takes just a few minutes, but can make shopping for skincare drastically simpler. Follow these 4 steps and start shopping for your skin needs.

  1. Give skin a proper cleanse. Remove makeup, do a light exfoliation and cleanse skin thoroughly. 
  2. Go about your business for 1-2 hours without applying any toner or moisturizer. Let your skin return to its natural state.
  3. Dab your face with a tissue, paying special attention to your T-zone (nose, forehead).
  4. Determine your skin type. Read the descriptions below to find your type.

That's it! 


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      • Yesi : August 16, 2016

        Great to see! Most of the sites I look for skincare only seem to address for oily/acne. I have terrible dry skin and have a hard time finding products to help. Wish my petit vour had more items catered to dry skin

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