When it comes to clean, vegan upgrades we're often asked, "Where do I even begin?" In my opinion, you should begin with the product that poses the largest threat to you on a daily basis.

Lip products should be non-negotiable because we literally eat them. The average woman is rumored to consume about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime*, so really, we should be as discriminating with our lipstick as we are with our food. It is truly alarming to see well-known brands include toxic ingredients in their lip products when they know very well where those ingredients will end up.

HERE'S a little challenge: Take a look at your favorite lipstick and read the entire ingredient label. See anything iffy? Now, look up your ingredients on to see the toxicity score. Anything above a 3 should be used sparingly and with caution. If you're seeing ingredients above a 6, toss it!

Just for fun, let's investigate some of the most popular lipsticks on the market and see where they rank. 

First red flag--Most of these sites don't display product ingredients, which is ridiculous (only NARS does). Why on earth would we support companies that refuse to be transparent with their customers, especially when it's regarding human health?


Uh oh, we spy parfum (rated an 8 on EWG), BHT (rated a 6), synthetic colors (rated between a 4 and a 5), PEG (rated between a 3 and 4) and carmine (squished bugs). Verdict? TOSS.

BHT, parfum and lanolin (made from sheep's fat) to name a few. TOSS and don't look back.

Lanolin, carmine and a number of synthetic colors. Though MAC lipsticks don't seem to be the most toxic, they're still not "clean" nor is the company cruelty-free (because it's owned by Estee Lauder). Our thought? Don't purchase any new products by the company.

First ingredient = Heptylundecyl Hydroxystearate (no data on EWG, which means this ingredient is likely new and was tested on animals)...linalool (rated a 5), limonene (rated a 6) and synthetic colors (rated between a 4 and a 5). TOSS.

Lanolin, parfum, carmine and a number of synthetic colors (rated between a 4 and a 5). TOSS IT.

First ingredient = Octinoxate (rated 6 on EWG)...and there's parfum (rated an 8 on EWG), synthetic colors (rated between a 4 and a 5) and carmine (squished bugs). Verdict? TOSS.


Now for the good news: I've rounded up my favorites (i.e. products I have purchases more than once) to help you on your way to having a clean, vegan routine.

LIP POLISH >> 1. French Girl Organics | Rose Lip Polish 
LIP BALM (no tint) >> 2. Kani Botanicals | Lip Fix 
LIP BALM (tinted) >> 3. French Girl Organics | Lip Tint
LIP GLOSS (plumping) >> 4. Modern Minerals | INVIGORATING Lip Gloss
LIP GLOSS (non shimmer) >> 5. 100% Pure | Lip Caramel
LIP GLOSS (shimmer) >> 6. Modern Minerals | EMOTIVE Lotus Wei Infused Lip Gloss
LIP GLOSS (shimmer) >> 7. 100% Pure | Gemmed Lip Gloss
LIP POT >> 8. GRESSA | Lip Boost
LIP POT >> 9. MAHALO | Red My Lips
LIPSTICK (non SPF) >> 10. AXIOLOGY | Lipstick 
LIPSTICK (non SPF) >> 11. 100% Pure | Lip Glaze 
LIPSTICK (SPF) >> 12. Suntegrity | Lip C.P.R.
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*Source: Future Derm

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    Shannon: September 15, 2016

    Love this and I so want to convert all of my bad lippies to these good ones. It’s just so hard — do we know which ones are the most matte with the most pigment and staying power? Lots of these just end up looking like glosses and I’m not about that gloss life… ;)

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