Nothing thrills us more than watching women conquer obstacles and chase their dreams.
In honor of Women's History Month, we're eager to speak with Ladies We Love!

With a sense of passion and a need to cultivate a revolutionary brand, Svetlana Sanchez, Founder of Gressa Skin, has changed the landscape of the beautifying experience with her distinct products. Her innovative work and desire to create formulas worthy of a woman's delicate skin has inspired us to unearth more of her story and creative process.

PV: Tell us a little about yourself.

SS: I am a chemist, a classically trained dancer, a singer, mommy to the most interesting girl in the world, a loyal friend, a bad manager and a big dreamer.

PV: How did you get the idea for Gressa skin?

SS: I imagined the world with luxury that is uncompromising of quality, purity and performance. Then, Gressa was born.

Gressa Range

PV: What skills would you say a woman needs to be a trailblazer, i.e. what do you need to take the idea you are building in your garage to creating an empire?

SS: It isn't quite a skill. It's an innate sense of knowing when to jump, of knowing when to say 'yes'. I cannot tell you how many times I've jumped with my eyes closed, completely unprepared. Interestingly enough, taking risks strips you down to your survival instincts and you make less mistakes. Overanalyzing for business can only take you so far, I think.

PV: Describe the entire range in just three words.

SS: Revolutionary. High-Performing. Pure.

Grease Eye Tints

PV: What has been your proudest moment for Gressa?

SS: The day Minimalist Foundation was launched and completely sold out. It was the day I really knew the whole idea of Gressa was correct. 

PV: In your own words, describe three products from your line that simply stand out. Can you share some tips and tricks on how to use them?

SS: Minimalist Correct Serum Foundation - shake, drop, buff. Your life will never be the same. Nor your skin.

Purifying Oil - prep with a few drops right before the foundation for the best supple glow.

Eye Tints - the most unique velvet to powder eye shadows you'll find on the market. I am very, very proud of these little gems. Use with your finger or with one of our brushes. Line, buff, pat them on. They are so workable and gorgeous mixed together as well. They are simply delicious. Don't eat them, though!

PV: Who would you look to in the field of (green) beauty that you think is innovating and doing a fantastic job?

SS: We often talk about this and Tata Harper is a line that comes to mind as the 'Oscar-winner' that paves the way for other's like her to be nominated and maybe even, someday, win.

PV: What's next for Gressa?

SS: A vegan mascara. Mic drop. [Turns around, walks away with a limp].

PV: Back to you, how do you keep your skin healthy (beyond using Gressa, of course!)?

SS: I dry brush my face. I own a steamer at home that I use 2 times per week to give myself facials between professional facials that I get once or twice per month. My skin tells my story big time. Stress, no sleep, too much coffee, too little water and it speaks to me (sometime it's a tough love conversation in a form of a breakout), so I have to stay consistent with cleansing, masking and moisturizing.

Svetlana Interview Quote

PV: Favorite plant-based meal for beautiful skin? Favorite activity to stay fit?

SS: I love soups, I cook them all the time. I'd do a lot for a good lentil or split pea. Yum! For fitness, I dance still and it conditions so much more than my muscles.

PV: How do you spend your free time?

SS: I love to travel, to really rest. I am so busy all the time that when I stop, I really just like to rest, sleep, swim, eat good food and enjoy the peace.

PV: Favorite place to grab a coffee in Seattle?

SS: Currently sitting at Cafe Cesura as I'm doing this interview. The baristas get my drink - almond cappuccino - ready as soon as I walk in. 

Follow Svetlana on Instagram @gressaskin and shop Gressa here.



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    Christine: March 08, 2017

    What an inspiring woman! Thank you so much for sharing your story and Gressa with us. I am blessed by both! And Petit Vour, of course!

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