Ever wonder what a “day in the life” is like for the founders of your favorite beauty brands or what tips & tricks they’d be bursting to share with you if given a chance? We sure do, and are delighted to introduce, “PETIT VOUR RITUALS,” our newest blog series intended to bridge the gap between industry experts in the clean, ethical, beauty and lifestyle space and YOU, our wonderful audience who knows there’s no such thing as too much useful information. We’ll travel down the avenues of skincare, makeup, hair care, seasonal styling, wellness and so much more to give you the exclusive insights and even answer your burning questions.

KVossNYC, the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Kristin Voss, is a handmade non-toxic skincare line with deep roots in New York City. Kristin wholeheartedly believes that all you need is to love yourself, trust what is simple, and respect the wholesomeness of nature and the world around you. Her products reflect this mantra: Made from simple 100% organic ingredients and containing a natural SPF, they "do not create a new you. They reveal the beauty and radiance that had always been you."

This week, Kristin intimates her daily routine, how her mother inspired her skincare line, and what it takes to start your own business.

Petit Vour: What inspired you to make your own skincare products?

Kristin Voss: When I was younger my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer. She's a redhead and freckled from head to toe and never went in the sun a day in her life! I remember as a child she was always slathering sunscreen all over me and always touting the benefits/need to take care of your skin starting at a young age, as the skin has a cumulative memory. Her lack of exposure to the sun conveyed only one other reason for the cancer: the chemicals in the products she was using. As I got older, I found that there really was no premium skincare line that targets younger people and what they can afford. Really good skincare seems to be unnecessarily so expensive that you need to turn a certain age before you can afford it. So, I started doing A LOT of research and found that most of these super expensive brands were filled with tons of toxic chemicals and only the minimal amount of what they were marketing them for. I wanted to create a line of skincare that was completely natural, affordable, and–most importantly–effective.


PV: What are your beauty AM/PM rituals?

KV: In the morning: Moisture gets sucked out of your skin and lips when you're sleeping, and what's left hanging around tends to pool in the most unfortunate of places: around your eyes, where skin is thinner and more delicate. So, I always wake up and splash my face with very cold water and put on a little MagiK Serum around my eyes. It wakes up your skin and you! (I also spend at least 10 minutes snuggling with my dog before I get out of bed to start my day off with a little love!)

In the evening: Before I settle in, I drink a full glass of water and spritz on a toner so my skin, and my body, get some necessary hydration before bed.


PV: What skincare regimen do you recommend for someone with troubled or sensitive skin? 

KV: I would love to be able to say that I have discovered the Fountain of Youth, or that I can cure every single skin issue ever known to man...but I can't. The best thing you can do for your skin, be it troubled, sensitive, normal, oily, etc., is to get a solid eight hours of shut-eye a night (I wish I practiced this as much as I preach it) because while you are sleeping your body is hard at work, repairing weakened muscle fibers and regenerating skin cells. And to be very honest, water and sleep do more for your body and skin than any product ever could.


PV: What is the one thing you want the Petit Vour audience to know about KVossNYC that may not be immediately obvious upon viewing your website or Instagram?

KV: That I'm not just another organic skincare line. That each product is truly unique, just as every single one of us is truly unique. I'm not trying to mask or cover up people's flaws–I'm creating products that enhance your unique beauty and accentuate all of the one-of-a-kind things that create YOU. My lip balms aren't going to change your life, but they might make you feel a little better about yourself, and in turn have a more positive outlook that day. I believe that beauty truly does come from within, so you need to be happy on the inside to project that on the outside.

PV: You clearly have the lion heart of an entrepreneur. What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs or for those contemplating their first step in the journey?

KV: It's difficult to keep motivated and not compare yourself to others as an entrepreneur. With so many things to manage, it's easy to mentally drown yourself in the mountain of to-do's. What I have learned is to write everything down. It truly helps. But my main way of keeping motivated is loving what I do and believing in the products I have developed. Not every day is going to be bump-free, but that's all part of the challenge of building something wonderful.


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    Kasha: February 22, 2018

    Not only do I love KVOSS products, but her passion for getting it right is amazing. And you can feel the love in each and every product!

  • Author image
    david ford: February 22, 2018

    Hey Kristin, GREAT MOVE TO DO THIS BLOG! One more thing to do, but it’s a really useful thing. Blessings on you!

  • Author image
    Susie: February 21, 2018

    I have tried some of your product and absolutely love them. They are comfortable – non stick, and smell and feel so good! Congratulations on your hard work! I look forward to buying and trying even more of your products!

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