Ever wonder what a “day in the life” is like for the founders of your favorite beauty brands or what tips & tricks they’d be bursting to share with you if given a chance? We sure do, and are delighted to introduce, “PETIT VOUR RITUALS,” our newest blog series intended to bridge the gap between industry experts in the clean, ethical, beauty and lifestyle space and YOU, our wonderful audience who knows there’s no such thing as too much useful information. We’ll travel down the avenues of skincare, makeup, haircare, seasonal styling, wellness and so much more to give you the exclusive insights and even answer your burning questions.

Now, we shift attention to May Lindstrom herself. She’ll fill us in on how to truly enjoy “me” time through her skincare routine that inspired the line. Enjoy!

“Close the bathroom door, turn down the lights, inhale the beautiful scents of the line and exhale any heaviness from your day. Choose your favorite MLS treat and savor your time-out.

At least once a week, create time for the full ritual.

Begin with The Pendulum Potion thoroughly and effortlessly steam away oil and environmental debrise, easing congestion and stagnation and indulging your skin day and night in decadent, silky caresses and a sultry scent experience.

The Clean Dirt effectively exfoliates, clearing clogged pores and helping you to shed dead and dehydrated skin.

Follow with The Problem Solver to brighten, fade spots and discoloration and treat and prevent breakouts. After every cleansing or treatment, hydrate your face, neck and decollete with The Youth Dew or The Blue Cocoon.

The Youth Dew is the ultimate glow potion - providing gorgeous moisture while balancing your natural oil production and slowing the onset of lines and wrinkles. The combination of pure plant and essential oils are chosen specifically for their ability to clear skin and penetrate deep beyond the epidermis, addressing chronic dryness and dissolving that outer layer of stagnant oil.

The Blue Cocoon protects and plumps, heals and soothes skin and is magical for all types of inflammation from eczema to acne or rosacea. It is also my very favorite eye and lip treatment.

The Jasmine Garden botanical mist is beautiful after cleansing and before oils, again after oils, to set makeup, to spritz throughout the day to refresh, cool, calm and heal (particularly wonderful for acne and irritation prone skin). The Jasmine Garden infuses skin with anti-oxidant protection, restoring elasticity, stimulating microcirculation and freeing delicate complexions of redness and inflammation. Formulated for the face, I can't help but indulge head to toe! The scent is truly a dream. Soft, sweet, fresh - like a garden of lush flowers in the tropics, somewhere near a field of cocoa beans drenched in rain. Very romantic.

Your body and hair are not to be neglected. The Good Stuff is a must following bathing. Not only will it keep you soft and hydrated (from your legs to locks), but the sensual scent is ridiculously delicious.

The most important key to building your experience - be in the moment. Even if you have only five minutes, make it the most delightful five minutes of your day. Savor this time, drink everything in and let yourself get a little swept away.”

—May Lindstrom, Founder of May Lindstrom Skincare



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