Ahh, pastels and florals how I love thee! *achoo!* And oh, how I loathe spring allergies!

Whether you're a lover or hater of this transitional time of the year, none can deny that it's the perfect time to hit the reset button on your home and environment. Gone are the family- and friend-filled holidays; your body and mind have started a new chapter in the New Year, and you've gotten into the swing of things. Before things get too comfortable again, it's time to revamp your environment to ensure it is healthy, efficient, and in line with your goals and outlook.

Spring Cleaning is the perfect way to do this! Throw open your windows, bring nature indoors with some air purifying plants, and pick up your duster - it's time to clear your home of toxins and freshen up every nook and cranny! 

Here are some ways we're reseting our homes to be clean, vegan, & non-toxic! 






Throw open the windows.

Begin by opening windows and doors to let in fresh air, letting out all the stale air (and negative energy!). Breathe in deep, put on some tunes, and get started! 

Let nature in.

Add some air purifying plants all over your home - preferably one in each room. My mother has a money plant that she has been growing and sharing since she got married. It was my grandfather's gift to her and reminds us of his prolific green thumb. When I got married, she gave me a clipping to start in my new home. I have this vine curling all around my living room, providing both some greenery and clean air to my home. 

Use a humidifier with essential oils to add moisture and natural fragrance back into the air. Do this first, so that when you're done cleaning and clearing your home will be a delightful haven of fresh.







Replace cleaning supplies with non-toxic alternatives.

Begin by replacing your toxic spray cleaners, air fresheners, dish soap and laundry detergent with non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives. Try our newly-stocked brand, Sapadilla, which uses all natural ingredients and fragrances to deep clean any surface. Choose all products in the same fragrance for a layered, long-lasting scent that can permeate through your home, or mix and match for a uniquely blended scent. 

For air fresheners, try these candles or an energy-clearing room spray such as this one

Toss out dated food, toiletries, makeup.

Check your pantry, closet, and bathroom cabinets for any dated, unused, or toxic items such as food cans or cereals, & skincare or makeup. Replenish if needed with safer alternatives and then reorganize. Protect both your cabinets and goods within them by wiping them down and then lining the shelves with a mat or other surface protectant and using a box with lid or other storage that can protect the items from dust and humidity.

I like lining my cabinets with old newspapers or brown kraft paper sitting atop a sprinkling of baking soda; this is both economical and protects my cabinets from spills, stains, and smells. 







Dust then wipe.

Start by dusting all surfaces including furniture, walls, and floors and even window sills and door knobs, before wiping them all down with a non-toxic cleaner. Go eco by using reusable towels rather than wipes or paper towels to clean and disinfect all your surfaces. These Morihata towels are just LOVELY for spring.

Change your linens.

Most linens and fabrics including towels, curtains, bedsheets, blanket covers and sofa covers and cushions can be washed. Take this time to put in a load and hang dry while you purge the rest of your home. While you're at it, update your decor from heavier fabrics and darker colors, to airier materials in lighter shades to welcome in the new season. 







Don't need it? Toss it out.

As you whisk from room to room, working your cleaning fairy magic, take note of extraneous items. Out of place books, papers, clothing, hair pins, and any other artifacts should be replaced in their original spot in an organized manner or separated into piles: Donate, recycle, or toss any excess clothing, accessories, office items, or other miscellaneous things that are cluttering your space. Pack away your cold weather wear, and hang your lighter apparel towards the front of your closet.

If you haven't used or touched it in the last year, it needs to go. You can save by up-cycling clothes to updated silhouettes, or reorganizing office supplies in a way that makes them easy to find, reach, and use. Try Pinterest for innovative ideas on storage and organization. Or give this New York Times Bestseller a try. (Side note: I absolutely adore my minimalist closet!)








Swap out your skin, hair, and makeup routine with tried-and-true non-toxic & cruelty-free alternatives.

Perhaps the most important way to spring clean your home is to clear out those items that directly affect your body. Our skin is our largest organ and soaks up everything we place on it - including unpronounceable gunk in our skincare and makeup. Replacing these items with non-toxic vegan alternatives is not just good for you, it's also fantastic for the animals and the environment. For example, most micro-bead exfoliants are made of minuscule plastic particles that are not only harsh abrasives on our skin, but also pollute the ocean and stomachs of fish and other wildlife when they get flushed down the drain.

You can avoid all of that suffering by switching to ethical alternatives. Browse our skincare section, and check out the incredible reviews to find skincare that works for you. Still not sure? We make samples of nearly every item for you to try before you commit! 

Detox your body.

Don't just clear out your cabinet, clear out your body too! Increase your hydration and add some superfood powders or an antioxidant boost to your routine to detoxify your digestive and adrenal systems. 

Add a detoxifying salt bath to your daily routine to leech out toxins and nourish your body with vital minerals. 

Go the extra mile by whipping up some highly nourishing meals; add rainbow foods to your diet to ensure you're getting all the nutrients 







​Clear your head.

Spring cleaning isn't just about clearing your space, it's also about decluttering your mind too. Somehow a clean space just facilitates that, allowing us to focus on deeper matters than oh no, the laundry isn't done. Once your space is cleared, sit down with a well-deserved cuppa and a sheet of paper or journal.

First take a deep breath and clear your head. Take a few minutes to be still. Then when you're ready, write down everything you do weekly. This may take a bit but just keep jotting them down until your paper is full. Include not just tasks, but emotions as well. Next, cross off the things that you feel are unnecessary or hindering your personal growth. Are you spending too much time worrying about something? Are you Netflixing more than you realized? Are you spending unnecessary hours doing dishes? Take a good hard look at this list and then decide: can I eliminate these tasks from my life? Can I find someone else to do them? Remember, you don't need to do EVERYTHING. 

On the back of that sheet, make a new list of things that you wish you had time to do. Like yoga in the morning. Or visiting that art exhibit you've been meaning to see. Or cooking more clean meals. Keep going and think about what would make you a better person. 

This exercise has helped me live more efficiently, and more presently. I am now (mostly!) aware of how my time is spent and can do more of the things I love or that help me grow into my potential. Simply acknowledging what I was doing on a daily basis allowed me to feel more in control of what was happening, and that in turn brought me peace of mind.

Cleanse your spirit. 

Once you've completed your exercise, draw yourself a bath and just be. Meditate, read, stretch, and completely unwind. Smile to yourself that you have completely cleared your mind, heart, and home and are ready to take on this most wonderful season of SPRING!




Tell us your favorite ways to SPRING CLEAN in the comments below, or tag @petitvour with your cleansed space!  

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