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PETIT VOUR is the luxury vegan destination for the decidedly fashionable, inspired-by-the-finer-things, modern, ethical woman. With a deep love for animals, and a knack for seeking the finest, PETIT VOUR brings you the crème de la cruelty-free™. In the spring of 2013, we curated our very first beauty box, filled with little luxuries, offering a taste of cruelty-free to our small membership. We’ve since grown quite a bit, but our values remain the same. Our mission since the idea came to life was to bring two worlds together: luxury and progressive values. That’s quite a cocktail, don’t you agree? Challenging as it may be to sift through the clutter, we are proud to say there are indeed luxury vegan beauty products that overachieve and impress…and you can find them right here.


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