In just a week, it'll be 2018, and our team couldn't be more pumped about all the exciting things coming our way in the new year! We got together to talk resolutions and found we had some pretty fun and insightful goals. Read on for how we'd like to spend our 2018!



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If I was to pick anything at all to resolve for the New Year, it would be to relax a little and have fun even when things get busy or stressful. I plan to stay zen and focused by replacing stressful moments with tea breaks—WelleCo makes an amazing relaxing tea. Speaking of, Mullein & Sparrow makes a nourishing Facial Steam that is pure magic. Filled with herbs and flowers, it doubles as tea leaves so it's good for you inside and out.

I'd like to make relaxing baths a regular thing and fill the air with aromatic goodness that detoxes while it calms me down. Since I'm such a fan of my evening Turmeric Latte I think I'd choose Kaia's Turmeric Detox Hot Bath. This blend is also great for soothing muscles which is great if, like me, you go running to clear your head and "endorphinize."

On-the-go, Aromatherapy Associates makes super-effective aromatherapy rollerballs. I think I'll throw a De-Stress Mind Rollerball in my bag to make sure that even if I'm stuck in crazy traffic or running multiple errands I have the serenity of the spa at my fingertips.

Lastly, walking/playing with my dogs is always a huge stress reliever. Sometimes spending quality time with my fur babies is all I need, so I want to come up with some new backyard games to play with them.





I'm gearing up for 2018! I spent 2017 detoxing, so for 2018 I'm ready for adventure. I want to travel to Asia, and also visit friends and family on the west coast. Whenever I travel, I take a small bag with me. The Angela Roi Luna Crossbody is perfect for that. Since it hugs across the body, a purse snatcher can't grab it off of me while I'm photographing the sites. It can also be worn toward my front, so no one can unzip it without my knowing. It's perfect for keeping my little necessities while I site see.

My hair became pretty dry in 2017, after moving to Austin. Josh Rosebrook Nourish Hair Products brought it back to life! I wouldn't travel anywhere without it. Thank goodness it comes in travel sizes!

I can't go anywhere in life without some blotting sheets. I like to look fresh and clean all day long. The Mai Couture Bamboo Charcoal Sheets are perfect, because they not only take away oil while leaving my makeup, but they give me a quick pore detox as well.

I'm so excited for The Spray by Soapwalla. It's a total travel necessity. Totally non-toxic sanitization at my fingertips, and it fits easily into my small purse!





My New Years resolution is to try to cook more home-cooked meals - especially healthy meals. I'm going to try out recipes from the Blissful Basil Cookbook and incorporate healthy powders by The Beauty Chef into a morning juice or smoothie for an extra boost!

I'm also usually a messy person, so keeping the house clean and fresh constantly will be something I need to work on. Sandoval's Interior Aromatic will be great to keep calming notes around my space after cleaning.




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Next year I resolve to get my skin and hair into the best shape of my life! I'm always on the go and usually neglect my self care. I'm also notorious for not drinking enough water, and therefore suffer from very dry skin and hair. So to get hydrated, and keep my skin moisturized and my hair lustrous, I want to add a little more care to my routine.

I'm going to get a BKR and carry it with me everywhere! The Big is perfect: a 1 liter glass bottle with a loop built into the cap; easy to hold, easy to clean, and easy to drink water all day!

I'm also going to strive to wear my hair naturally more often - showing my curls instead of straightening them. I'll use the Wonderbalm by Evolvh for that extra oomph and to take care of frizz.

And lastly I want to practice pre-shower dry brushing and post-shower moisturizing to exfoliate my skin and then lock in all that water. I'll keep the Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Dry Brush near my tub and use the Vitamin C Body Oil by One Love Organics. It smells like piña coladas and I can't wait to use it! 



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