This month we're featuring one of our favorite emerging artists - Niina Pechkovskaya, who graciously illustrated our October and December cards for our monthly Beauty Box. Niina lives and works in Germany and spoke with us about her work and passion for all things art, beauty, & fashion. 


PV: Hello Niina! Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

NP: I'm working full time as an illustrator for more than several years now.

Photo Courtesy of Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: How would you describe your artistic style?

NP: Girly :) I like the color pink a lot! Also I mostly use watercolour, I guess that defines my style too.

PV: Tell us where you go for inspiration!

NP: I really love Japanese art. I have a book of Hiroshige works by Taschen; I love it so much! For colour combinations, for small details, for composition in the works — for everything. I also like to look at the pictures of animals and birds; nature creates the most beautiful colour combinations. Lastly, I love to look at street style fashion pictures.

Photo Courtesy of Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: Before you begin your work, how do you set the mood?

NP: I look at my Pinterest. There are several folders, with the images that inspire me, illustrations by other artists, various historical photos from XIX and XX centuries, street fashion... I also like to start with something that I've been wanting to draw, so to say a fun task. And then when you get into the drawing mood its easier to continue with the more complicated tasks.

PV: What's your favorite color combination?

NP: Pinks and blues like on the Hiroshige's estamp. Overall I really like pink! But for my works, I like when white is prevailing (in the background, for example) and then there are some other colours, often bright, but more like accents, that are not too dominating.

Niina October Box Card Illustration

PV: Tell us what you'd showcase at your gallery opening.

NP: I have had two exhibitions in the past two years and one was dedicated to women who inspire me - it was a set of 9 prints. Another one was in collaboration with a concept store. It was dedicated to a fashion collection in their shop: 18 illustrations of their looks. You can view these works on my blog

PV: What's your favorite thing to illustrate or create?

NP: Fashion and beauty. As I said, girly :)

Illustrations by Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: What city & country do you currently live in?

NP: Berlin, Germany, but I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

PV: What's the weather like right now?

NP: Berlin is a bit harsh in the winter. Though coming from St. Petersburg, Russia, I'm quite endurant, if I may put it this way. We rarely see the sun in Berlin in the winter and that's a bit depressing. But honestly I'm more productive then :) you don't have much options, you don't want to go out so you just sit at home and work. This way I'm much more productive in the winter than in summer.

PV: What's your everyday beauty style?

NP: Minimal, even though I have a lot of different products. Several years ago I was writing posts for a beauty blog and from there I started to get interested in natural and organic beauty products.

I think skin condition is very important (especially after suffering from mild to medium acne all my teenage years). Skin is like canvas; if its fresh and radiant, then the makeup is there only to emphasize the best. My favourite are brow and lip products.

Photo Courtesy of Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: What about your going out, festive beauty style?

NP: Red lip! I use it for many different occasions, as its simple. I'm always having a red lipstick in my purse if I want to convert my look from neutral to somewhat more fancy. If I'm going out and try to make real effort, I make smoky eyes.

PV: Current clean, vegan product obsessions?

NP: Most of the products I use are clean, so it's hard to choose! I really like Gressa Lip Boost in Regal for its very flattering colour. I also love 100% Pure Brow Pomade, it makes my brows so full!

PV: What's the best beauty advice you've ever heard?

NP: Don't underestimate the importance of cleansing (I love the Pai Muslin Cloths & use them every day!). And also various clay masks — twice a week, not less.

Illustrations and Photo by Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: And the worst?

NP: That oils can work on the combination skin as a regular moisturizer. I tried so many oils and then was wondering why all my pores were clogged. For me, oils really only work if I use them once or twice a week when I feel that my skin requires some real moisture. By the way, the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is great for this.

Photo Courtesy of Niina Pechkovskaya

PV: When you hear, "Be Bold. Be Kind." what comes to mind?

NP: Do whatever you feel like to achieve success, but don't hurt anyone in the process. Act how you think is right, not looking at other people. Trust yourself, and do everything you want, unless you harm anyone.

PV: Tell us what words move you (i.e. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?).

NP: Beauty is from within. Beauty products are important, but glowing eyes and smile are even more!

Photo Courtesy of Niina Pechkovskaya

Follow Niina on Instagram @niina_pechkovskaya or on Facebook @niinaiseloom or view her incredible portfolio at Niina Pechkovskaya to keep up-to-date with her blog posts.

Photos of Niina by Natasha Linde



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