​The winter season is composed of many thingsholiday feasting, extravagant gifting, DIY-ing, Netflixing and, without a doubt, traveling.​ What's a girl to do when limited to space the size of an overhead compartment? Pair down the stash to the unquestionable essentials. From sleep aids to dry skin saviors, there's only room for the best. 

This week, our Designer is headed to the United Kingdom with adventures in London & Dublin for the holidays and New Year. Here are her favorite travel essentials for a long-haul flight and on-the-go beauty!



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"Even when flying international, I generally hate packing much more than a carry on. I love the Angela Roi Andrea Oversized Tote and Elle Cosmetic Case Set for this. The tote provides ample space for packing a few sets of clothes, my phone and charge, iPad and/or laptop. I love the inner side pockets for quick access to my notebook/iPad and my passport/cell phone.

I throw my toiletries into the larger Cosmetic Bag, and my makeup into the smaller one. Both easily grabbed and pulled out for security checkpoints.

For quick excursions on my trip I like bringing a backpack or crossbody that I can carry around during the day with easy access pockets for my phone and money, but straps that allow them to be attached more securely on my person. I love Matt & Nat's Carrie Bag for this as it looks great as a daily handbag, but also has a crossbody strap when you want your hands free on the go."




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"In my bag, I like to have a few things handy for my flight. A book and headphones are absolutely essential. I'll also be taking my Rifle Paper Co. Travel Essential Journal to record my days, make notes, and small sketches. 

Because I'm taking a red-eye, I want to be able to get as much sleep as possible. I love Essence of Vali Sleep Aromatherapy Oil for this purpose. I use it daily at home and so it signifies the end of the day for me, instantly putting me into a relaxed state of mind. I plan on using it my whole trip - as being new places and spaces can sometimes cause disruptions in rest.

I also travel with a wide lightweight yet warm scarf, such as Dear Indigo. It functions as a blanket during my flight, a scarf or head wrap in the cold, and protects my belongings if I need to wrap fragile items in my bag such as my camera.

Lastly, I love having some wipes on my to remove makeup at the end of the day, refresh my face on the flight, or wipe my hands after a snack or meal. Box Naturals' new scent in Cucumber + Witch Hazel is my absolute favorite."




Shop Dry Skin Saviors

"I don't know about you, but I have terribly dry skin that only gets worse when I'm on a plane and running through airports. The changes in air temperature and pressure leave my skin dehydrated, patchy, and tight, often resulting in breakouts too.

My favorites for face are the Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream and the Poetic Blend Hero Oil. The Osea is lightweight yet super hydrating, and feels like a balm with its healing properties. The Hero Oil locks in that hydration, works fantastically on blemishes, dry patches, and my under eye area, and doubles as a makeup remover and night oil. It's definitely my skincare holy grail!

For my hands, feet, and body, I like to take along my Osmia Body Mousse (and their rosemary scent is so festive!). I rub some on my feet before putting on my Little River Socks and boots. The mousse ensure my feet are ready for heels, and the Little River socks protect my feet from the cold dry air. 

Lastly, I like having a balm on me for multiple uses - softening my lips, elbows, hands and feet, or used as a brow gel, eye shadow primer, or cuticle cream. The French Girl Heal All Salve fits the bill."




 Shop Double Duty Beauty

"Lastly, I pack what I call double-duty beauty items to keep my carry-on lightweight. I don't want to lug around 10 lbs of makeup when I can pack items that double in their uses such as Gressa Lip Boost - a little works as a Lip Balm, a lot as Lip Gloss AND it works beautifully as a Blush.

The same thing can be said for the 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick - Lipstick and Blush in one! I like taking one neutral color, and one bright red to dress up any outfit.

For eyes, I love Fior's Organic Eyeliner in Brown Sugar because the shade works well to line my eyes, as a base for smoky shadows, AND as a brow pencil.

Next up, a cleanser that does it all - the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser by One Love Organics: good for your face, body, AND hair in a pinch. I also like taking a spray like Little Barn Apothecary's Aloe + Rosewater Balancing Mist - it refreshes, tones, and sets my makeup, and its light floral fragrance doubles as perfume.

Last but not least, I always take extra Kooshoo Hair Ties and Head Bands to pull back my hair when I'm washing my face, or to dress up an outfit, or to bind anything together in my luggage."



Header Photo courtesy of Extra Petite.


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