We're so excited to share our graphic designer, Nabila's experience in New York at Yarok's Beauty Kitchen. Yarok founder Mordechai Alvow invited us to check out his Organic Treatment Bar at the Beauty Kitchen. The OTB offers hair "meals," a unique, plant-based hair and scalp treatment intended to feed and nourish the hair. Each "meal" is customized to your hair type and needs, mixed on-site, and combined with a head massage, steam, and aromatherapy for a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves hair soft, healthy, and luxurious. You're going to want to try the recipe out for yourself after seeing how gorgeous Nabila's hair turned out!

Hi guys! My name is Nabila and I visited Yarok's Beauty Kitchen at the end of April. I had the most wonderful experience, and cannot believe how amazing my hair looked afterward. Here's what my hair looked like before. It's very dry, coarse, and thick with natural waves that I typically flat iron. I always struggle to eliminate frizz and maintain a shine.

When I entered, Mordechai welcomed me and introduced me to his incredible team: Mary and Kriti, both of whom answered every question I had. Mary recommended that I get a Feed Your Color meal - one meant for dry scalp, damaged or color-treated hair. It contains rosemary-infused olive, kukui, and carrot seed oils with essential oils of frankincense, mandarin, and lavender. The rosemary is key because it increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, stimulating hydration and hair growth, whilst also preventing dandruff and premature aging. Mary explained that each meal starts with a base of fresh avocado, coconut oil, and almond butter, a vitamin-rich blend to which the Feed Your Color oil is added and whizzed up to create a sort of hair smoothie. 

Mary took her time to massage the meal into my hair, root to tip. The scent of the rosemary and lavender was SO good and Mary's hands worked their magic. I could've fallen asleep right there in the chair! Then she wrapped my hair up and had me sit under a steamer. This allowed the hair cuticles to open up and really absorb all that goodness.
The next step was to rinse the meal out using a mixture of Yarok's Feed Your Volume and Feed Your Moisture Shampoo. Mary ended by using a leave-in conditioner that she blended fresh - a mix of fresh aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, and (of course!) rosemary extract. 

I then got the best blow out ever by Mordechai himself. A little bit of Feed Your Shine Hair Serum left my ends so smooth and prevented any flyaways.

The end results speak for themselves. I kept touching my hair because I couldn't believe MY hair could feel that soft!
Thanks Yarok for giving me the hair of my dreams!

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Yarok's Beauty Kitchen in NYC: 212.876.4293 


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    Cristina: July 17, 2018

    Your hair looks gorgeous!!!! Love it (and your top as well) ;)

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